Monday, 22 September 2014

My Poetry

My sibling and me

like two pods in a pea

we giggle as if we were three

how great kin might be

we joke and play

all as the day progressed

tears at times spring over things we say

be that as it may the chuckle fits we get never appear to go away

my sibling is my closest companion

the injuries and wounds will repair

in the event that we like it or not we're in there till the end

with a tissue, ear, or shoulder to loan

the battles over toys

the battles with young men

despite the fact that my sibling enormously bothers

he has presented to me the best delights

in the event that he tries, I accept he ought to

in the event that he implores, I think I could

when I say farewell

he infrequently will yell

to abstain from getting in a bad position we lie

yet to need partition is similar to asking to pass on

I can hardly wait until I'm more established

brimming with desire and bolder

hearts will extend from shoulder to shoulder

I will never quit adoring my sibling

I trust more in him than in our mother

a finer sibling, there is no other

there is no use appealing to God for an alternate